Our journey began in 1971 when our ancestors, Mr. Badruzzaman Khan and Mr. Hari Kishan Pandey, ventured from Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh, to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Mr. Badruzzaman Khan's passion for fragrances blossomed at a young age, leading him to create the renowned fragrance, Shamamatul Amber. Meanwhile, Mr. Harikishan Pandey drew inspiration from the scents of sandalwood, oud, and amber that permeated his childhood home in Kannauj. While upholding their roots in India, their reach expanded to encompass Middle Eastern nations, a realm that is presently overseen by their children, Mr. Moosa Khan and Mr. Sharad Pandey.

Today, the baton of this venerable family tradition and enduring friendship has been passed down to Mr. Kabir Khan and Mr. Sairaj Pandey, who have forged a collaborative endeavour known as Essence House, an esteemed Indian luxury brand. Their dream of establishing a unified boutique has now come to fruition. United in purpose, this dynamic duo continues to breathe life into fragrances, raising the standards of olfactory luxury to unprecedented heights.

Each of our meticulously crafted fragrances at Essence House is composed using exclusive, premium-grade fragrance oils. We meticulously curate and mature each scent to perfection before presenting them to your discerning senses. Our dedicated marketing team ensures an impeccably smooth experience, upholding our unwavering commitment to excellence in all facets of our esteemed enterprise.