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Oud Emirates

Oud Emirates

warm spicy oud aromatic woody balsamic patchouli leather conifer fresh spicy tobacco
The aroma is rich and luxurious, representing a modern interpretation of the ancient Arabian perfumes. We have added oud from Laos, where it is the purest and the most expensive. Driven by cedar from the Atlas and patchouli from Indonesia, it enters into a sensual conversation on the skin. Saffron and elemi add sparkle and a golden elusive presence. Combining east and west, male and female, this OUD Extrait de parfum is pure mystery.
Spicy, Woody, Oriental
Pure Parfum (Extrait de Parfum)
Saffron ,Elemi ,Agarwood Laos, Atlas Cedar And
Indonesian patchouli.


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D.Naresh kumar Kumar

Aug. 21, 2022 1-5-37 ashok nagar gadwal 509125 telangana

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