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How We Started

IN 1971, our ancestors Late Mr. Badruzzaman (co. founder of Attar Mohammed Dawood) and Late Mr. Hari Kishan Pandey (co. Founder of Maruti Enterprises) decided to move together to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from Kannauj in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Mr. Badruzzaman Khan one of our ancestors, at a very young age, was already enthralled with scents, fragrances and everything olfactive as he grew up. His extraordinary journey is alive in his intricately designed, legendary body of creations. It is certainly no surprise that Master Perfumer Mr. Badruzzaman Khan was the very first perfumer who created a very known fragrance called Shamamatul Amber and that tradition still continues in India. His life-long partnership with research and development of fragrances allowed him to fuse innovative natural techniques, many of which he helped bring to life to create true works of art. Humbly, he notes that he still has doubts. “Even when we’ve learned everything there is to know, there is always a doubt. A formulation is like a well-written sentence: there are thousands of beautiful words from which to choose, but what makes it impactful, is the emotion with which they are brought together.”

Late Mr. Harikishan Pandey raised in Kannauj was encouraged to develop and explore his inquisitive nature. The patio of his childhood home captured scents like sandalwood, oud, amber; other exotic naturals, and from there he started his own journey of creating some exotic natural blends namely Mukhallats, Rose oils, Sandalwood extracts; various other mouthwatering blends and natural extracts of oud from various regions. Keeping their roots in India they also spread their arms into middle eastern countries which is now handled by their children under the supervision of Mr. Moosa Khan; Mr. Sharad Pandey.

The decade old business is now under the hands of Mr. Kabir Khan Mr. Sairaj Pandey who in collaboration started an Indian Luxury Brand Named Essence House. Where the friendship still continues from grandfathers to grandchildren the dream of now grounding a collaboration store has now come true. Now this duo continues creating scents bring them to life and decided to take up the torch of family tradition friendship to a whole new level of fragrance luxury like never before.

All our fragrances are made with the exclusive quality of fragrance oils. We make sure that each scent of ours are perfectly matured before we put them up on sale where as our marketing team makes sure that everything goes smooth all in all.